Anti-RPA32/RPA2 Rabbit antibody

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  • 抗体类型:多克隆
  • 抗体来源:
  • 抗体应用:WB, IHC-P
  • 特异性:Human, Rat


  • 产品名称
    Anti-RPA32/RPA2 Rabbit antibody
  • 抗体类型
  • 抗体来源
  • 抗体亚型
  • 抗体描述
    RPA32/RPA2 Rabbit polyclonal antibody
  • 抗体应用
    WB, IHC-P
  • 应用推荐

    WB: 1/1000-1/5000

    IHC: 1/50-1/500

  • 特异性
    Human, Rat
  • 蛋白别名
    REPA2; RPA32; RP-A p32; RP-A p34
  • 制备方法
    Antigen: A synthetic peptide of human RPA32/RPA2
  • 组分
    Supplied in 50nM Tris-Glycine(pH 7.4), 0.15M Nacl, 40%Glycerol, 0.01% sodium azide and 0.05% BSA.
  • 储存方法
    Store at -20°C. Stable for 12 months from date of receipt.
  • 背景介绍
    Swiss-Prot Acc.P15927.As part of the heterotrimeric replication protein A complex (RPA/RP-A), binds and stabilizes single-stranded DNA intermediates, that form during DNA replication or upon DNA stress. It prevents their reannealing and in parallel, recruits and activates different proteins and complexes involved in DNA metabolism. Thereby, it plays an essential role both in DNA replication and the cellular response to DNA damage. In the cellular response to DNA damage, the RPA complex controls DNA repair and DNA damage checkpoint activation. Through recruitment of ATRIP activates the ATR kinase a master regulator of the DNA damage response. It is required for the recruitment of the DNA double-strand break repair factors RAD51 and RAD52 to chromatin in response to DNA damage. Also recruits to sites of DNA damage proteins like XPA and XPG that are involved in nucleotide excision repair and is required for this mechanism of DNA repair. Plays also a role in base excision repair (BER) probably through interaction with UNG. Also recruits SMARCAL1/HARP, which is involved in replication fork restart, to sites of DNA damage. May also play a role in telomere maintenance.

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